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The exhibition ART-GEIL in Steinheil16 started from 14th of February in Steinheil16 at Steinheil Straße 16 in Munich.

The exhibited images are Giclée prints: digital art prints on the canvas, which are then individually overpainted or overdrawn by hand and in detail, so that each image retains its originality, if only because no stroke is really identical and truly unique on every reproduced image.

At the vernissage, which takes place on 14.02.2018 from 2:02 pm to 6:04 pm, and, perhaps in the following weeks, we would like to organize some animation shows from our animated film collection as well as other live portraits and caricature drawing actions.

The Munich restaurant Steinheil16 is daily open from 10:00 am to 1:00 am and it is well crowded, so, of course the exhibition is easy to see during these hours, and, if you want to eat there, it would be better to book a table in advance reservations! In any case, when it might be really jam-packed: you can stay at a pretty nice bar!

So, come over!


Here is the images catalogueimages

art geil heart maenner t shirt

You can actually order and enjoy some of our printed artworks on t-shirts and accessories: